8:30 p.m.
Art theater

Sand Theater Berlin

Alice in Wonderland


SUZANN SAND - maître
VLADIMIR SAND - guitar, composer

La Neuveville | Café-théâtre de La Tour de Rive

(FR) L’animation de sable est l’une des expressions artistiques les plus rares. Sa maîtrise est extrêmement complexe, et les véritables maîtres en la matière se comptent sur les doigts de la main.

L'un de ces maîtres, Suzann Sand, est basée à Berlin. Avec son mari Vladimir, compositeur et guitariste virtuose, ils ont organisé un spectacle inédit, qui associe une représentationen sable à son accompagnement musical.

Images de sable, musique et éclairages évoqueront l’univers enchanté du roman de Lewis Carroll « Alice au pays des merveilles » lors d’une représentation unique en Suisse romande.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice is sitting with her sister outdoors when she spies a White Rabbit with a pocket watch. Fascinated by the sight, she follows the rabbit down the hole. She falls for a long time, and finds herself in a long hallway full of doors. There is also a key on the table, which unlocks a tiny door; through this door, she spies a beautiful garden. She longs to get there, but the door is too small. Soon, she finds a drink with a note that asks her to drink it. There is later a cake with a note that tells her to eat; Alice uses both, but she cannot seem to get a handle on things, and is always either too large to get through the door or too small to reach the key.

While she is tiny, she slips and falls into a pool of water. She realizes that this little sea is made of tears she cried while a giant. She swims to shore with a number of animals, most notably a sensitive mouse, but manages to offend everyone by talking about her cat's ability to catch birds and mice. Left alone, she goes on through the wood and runs into the White Rabbit. He mistakes her for his maid and sends her to fetch some things from his house. While in the White Rabbit's home, she drinks another potion and becomes too huge to get out through the door. She eventually finds a little cake which, when eaten, makes her small again.

In the wood again, she comes across a Caterpillar sitting on a mushroom. He gives her some valuable advice, as well as a valuable tool: the two sides of the mushroom, which can make Alice grow larger and smaller as she wishes. The first time she uses them, she stretches her body out tremendously. While stretched out, she pokes her head into the branches of a tree and meets a Pigeon. The Pigeon is convinced that Alice is a serpent, and though Alice tries to reason with her the Pigeon tells her to be off.

Alice gets herself down to normal proportions and continues her trek through the woods. In a clearing she comes across a little house and shrinks herself down enough to get inside. It is the house of the Duchess; the Duchess and the Cook are battling fiercely, and they seem unconcerned about the safety of the baby that the Duchess is nursing. Alice takes the baby with her, but the child turns into a pig and trots off into the woods. Alice next meets the Cheshire cat (who was sitting in the Duchess's house, but said nothing). The Cheshire cat helps her to find her way through the woods, but he warns her that everyone she meets will be mad.

Alice goes to the March Hare's house, where she is treated to a Mad Tea Party. Present are the March Hare, the Hatter, and the Dormouse. Ever since Time stopped working for the Hatter, it has always been six o'clock; it is therefore always teatime. The creatures of the Mad Tea Party are some of the must argumentative in all of Wonderland. Alice leaves them and finds a tree with a door in it: when she looks through the door, she spies the door-lined hallway from the beginning of her adventures. This time, she is prepared, and she manages to get to the lovely garden that she saw earlier. She walks on through, and finds herself in the garden of the Queen of Hearts. There, three gardeners (with bodies shaped like playing cards) are painting the roses red. If the Queen finds out that they planted white roses, she'll have them beheaded. The Queen herself soon arrives, and she does order their execution; Alice helps to hide them in a large flowerpot.

The Queen invites Alice to play croquet, which is a very difficult game in Wonderland, as the balls and mallets are live animals. The game is interrupted by the appearance of the Cheshire cat, whom the King of Hearts immediately dislikes.

The Queen takes Alice to the Gryphon, who in turn takes Alice to the Mock Turtle. The Gryphon and the Mock Turtle tell Alice bizarre stories about their school under the sea. The Mock Turtles sings a melancholy song about turtle soup, and soon afterward the Gryphon drags Alice off to see the trial of the Knave of Hearts.

The Knave of Hearts has been accused of stealing the tarts of the Queen of Hearts, but the evidence against him is very bad. Alice is appalled by the ridiculous proceedings. She also begins to grow larger. She is soon called to the witness stand; by this time she has grown to giant size. She refuses to be intimidated by the bad logic of the court and the bluster of the King and Queen of Hearts. Suddenly, the cards all rise up and attack her, at which point she wakes up. Her adventures in Wonderland have all been a fantastic dream.

Sandtheater Berlin

(FR) À la base du projet Sandtheater, il y a la création artistique d’un couple, Vladimir et Suzann. Ce projet est unique en ce sens qu'il concrétise un art sans paroles, combinant musique instrumentale et impressionnantes visualisations de sable accompagnée de la projection de films sur grand écran. Le tout est présenté au public comme un nouveau genre artistique - le cinéma en temps réel.

Suzann Sand n’est pas seulement une artiste, elle est aussi une artiste du sable. Elle est née en Russie. Elle crée des peintures à partir de différentes techniques (sable, batik, broderie). De 2001 à 2007, elle a participé à de nombreuses expositions et concours. Ses œuvres font partie de collections privées en Italie, en Autriche, aux États-Unis et en Australie. Depuis 2010, elle maîtrise de manière autonome la technique de l'animation de sable. Suzann Sand et son mari Vladimir, ont fondé ensemble un théâtre. Ils vivent actuellement à Berlin et tournent avec leurs spectacles dans toute l'Europe.

Vladimir est compositeur et guitariste virtuose. Il est l’un des dix meilleurs guitaristes des pays de la Communauté des États indépendants. En 2007, la société "Moon Records" a sorti dans la série Guitar Masters le disque de Vladimir « The Great Illusion », dix compositions basées sur la musique ethnique des peuples du monde.