8:30 p.m.
Art Dance




La Neuveville | Café-théâtre

Dancers, choreographers and dance teachers Gonzalo Capitani and Carolina Gonzalez come from Buenos Aires. Their artistic training in the disciplines of jazz dance, contemporary dance, ballet and interpretation also began in Argentina. They have participated in various dance companies and performed in various conventional and musical theatre productions. They owe the impressive power of their interpretations to this versatile training. With the phenomenal technique they display in both classical and contemporary performances, the plasticity and a very special elegance of their movements, they regularly captivate the audience. In their role as dance teachers, the young artists convey the popular style of tango that emerges from improvisation. They have been performing for over ten years in theatres and companies all over the world. Their technically flawless dance style combines elements of classical and contemporary tango.

Carbone Tango Ensemble

"Carbone Tango Ensemble" refreshes the River Plate memory with a sonority as intimate as it is tanguistic. The violin, the bandoneon, the piano and the double bass, sound matrix of the typical orchestra and unavoidable accomplices when it comes to interpreting this genre, introduce us to the Buenos Aires of the 20th century, where tango developed until it reached music halls around the world.

The fusion between the popular and the cultured is reflected in his concerts when classics such as Quejas de bandoneón, Danzarín or La yumba are contrasted with the erudite music of Astor Piazzolla, which takes elements from Bach, Stravinsky, Bartok and even some elements from jazz.

Gonzalo Capitani and Carolina Gonzalez contribute with the emotion and plasticity of their dancing to the "danced feeling" of Tango. The originality of their choreographies, as elegant as they are passionate, are inseparable from the careful musical arrangements of Carbone Tango Ensemble.

The concept through dance and music is only one: the Tango


Nurtured by Spanish, Italian, French and Gypsy folklore and armed with elements borrowed from Romanticism and Baroque, tango gradually established itself as one of the great artistic currents of the 20th century.

It always had composers who knew how to evolve, recreate and capture the sound of that River Plate city, for this reason tango is the contemporary music of Buenos Aires that lives in all the cities of the world.

Works by the great tango masters such as Astor Piazzolla, Eduardo Rovira, Julián Plaza, Osvaldo Pugliese and Anibal Troilo will be performed. The program was elaborated with a purely artistic selection criterion, where works of extraordinary quality and virtuosity that reach directly to our hearts are rescued.