6:30 p.m.
Art Wein


ANDREAS – String quartet
NICOLAS FARINE – moderator

La Neuveville | MILLE OR

The aim of the concert tastings is to present the elegant combination of two arts, here specifically music and wine art. We try to show that one art can complement and enrich the other. Music takes up the mystery of wine and vice versa.

In this sense, concert tastings begin with a profound presentation of wine and then the music accompanies the moment of tasting. In this way we want to create a symbiosis between a taste and a sound. For this purpose, we concentrate on three wines: dry white, slightly soft and red wine, all kinds of wine come from the same region.

String quartet ANDREAS
String quartet ANDREAS

Bastien Vidal - Violin
Angelina Zurzolo - Violin
Muriel Valentin - Viola
Pierre Landy - Violoncello

Nicolas Farine
Nicolas Farine